Advice needed!!!!


I'm failing both of my nursing classes. One class I'm not failing by much and the other I'm failing pretty bad.

Today we had an exam which I passed (not by much).

I met with my advisor and she's really pushing at me to take a leave of absence due to my home life (parents are divorcing, dad is an alcoholic who I lost contact with, and brother is a heroin addict). Yes I know others have it worse but then again my home life does get to me.

I've been told by upperclassmen that if you're failing, you can still pass if you pass the final.

So I would rely on the final to pass which is like playing Russian roulette.

If I fail, I'm not welcome back into the program and it affects my gpa.

If I take a leave of absence, I'm welcome back and it doesn't hurt me.

My mom is not supportive. She says I've wasted her money if I take the loa. Which I can understand. I don't expect her to pay anymore.

She doesn't understand how taking the loa will help me.

Idk what to do. I feel stuck and they told me today that I have to make this decision tomorrow.

Part of me wants to push through and he other wants to take the loa to get my life together and try again next fall.

Any advice? Maybe someone did something similar??


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It honestly depends on you current exam grades and how bad you are failing. You have to be realistic and honest with yourself. For instance (in worse case scenario) If you need a 90 on the rest of your exams, and you have yet to make a 90 on one....realistically you probably won't get the results you want. Now I must say in my second semester of nursing school I was borderline passing/failing a class. I had to make an 86 on my last 2 exams to pass.(which I had not done all semester). I managed to get the job done but I studied all day, every day for those tests like I had never studied before! And who knows, maybe extra studying will take your mind off of home or a while.


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My mom is not supportive. She says I've wasted her money if I take the loa. Which I can understand.

How much money (and time) are you going to waste if you fail and have to start from the beginning at another school?

I played the "Russian Roulette" during my attempt at my ASN years and years ago and lost. I spent the next year trying to get back in and finish (only needed 1 class). I got denied. I ended up moving on with my life in another career before starting over in an ABSN program and getting my BSN in Aug 2014 after 20 yrs..