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I posted a thread earlier regarding my new job... I had been working for a small community hospital for nine months and just switched to LTAC

a cardiac pulmonary complex medical unit. The comfort level in the beginning was not there, my preceptor expected a more experienced nurse, and I was chewed out and was met with comments of

"you have been working for a year and you never....?

this has been constant. ANyway, I think im making progress and then something slips me up. My preceptor points out each mistake and gets very frustrated. Meanwhile, things I do correctly are just expected, of course. Im fine with that. But My comfort level is zilch here.I dont know what to do, I seem to be unfocused and my relationship with the preceptor is very strained. I want to quit so badly but I wont have any money to pay my bills! The hospital where I was at before transitioned me nicely. I do experience anxiety in new situations but this has compounded ridiculously. There are lots of skills I never picked up due to not getting enough clinical exp. in school or in my small hospital. I am just panick stricken and dont know what to do. I am showing up each day and doing the best I can, but its not good enough. Mytrue colors are surely not showing. I continue to sense frustration from everyone and it just makes everything worse. If you have any thoughts. please respond. Thanks in advance.


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Why did you leave the community hospital? Your preceptor sounds crabby/jealous. Let me tell you... You have to stand your ground and speak up for yourself. You are a proffesional and you should demand respect. Conduct yourself with confidence.

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How long have you been orienting? Do you notice this as your preceptor's personality ? You may want to discuss it with your manager if it continues to be a problem. She definitely should be your mentor and supportive/encouraging, I would speak up ....


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Ask to switch preceptors quietly. You don't have to be abused by anyone.


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i have been orientating four weeks. ive been trying to work through my anxiety with the preceptor. everyone on the floor seems to have the same impression of me. I wonder if I should hang this up now or stick it out a bit longer....

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i think 4 weeks is still early,how long is your orientation scheduled to last? i would still stick it out longer -it may take 3 months to feel somewhat grounded. i still suggest you have a chat with your nurse manager, see what her input is on your progress, depending on the intensity of the unit it can take 6 months - a year to be confident/comfortable...good luck

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Can you give some examples to the tasks/skills you are having trouble with? What types of things is she getting mad at?


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from day one, we got off on the wrong foot. They thought I should have had more skills for someone with a year in. Granted I was nervous the first week and different equipment had me clumsy and anxious.

By week two, comments were made to me like "you should have, ...

You are asking the same questions over and over" , Are you not paying attention? etc. Then came huffing and puffing and just a general tone of annoyance. This compounded my anxiety. Each time a meeting with the manager ensued, It was three people talking about how "

this one said you are doing this this and this". I seemed to be doing good for a few days, then I would have a strained moment with the preceptor and everything goes to hell, I start making mistakes, and doing everything wrong. Now im extremely self concious. The skills are just basic skills...

IV pumps, g tubes, central line dressing changes, etc. But I need to do these things three or four times before I get them perfect. I hadnt done alot of these skills at my last job. Guess I missed out. Anyway, everyone has a bad impression of me, and the preceptor tells everyone her side of the situation which makes me look worse. Im trying my best at everything but I seem to be in a tailspin and just overall crazy situation.

being a new nurse too, i can relate to how you feel. even though you had a year in you are still NEW to this particular hospital's routine and equipment. from my first hand experience, it is very difficult to think critically and clearly when learning psychomotor skills simultaneously. i don't understand why nurses make new nurses all that more intimidated. i am having the same issue with my preceptor and one charge RN in particular. they are trying to intimidate me. i am a brand new nurse- do you like working short? because i will find another position in another institution with the same difficulties but higher pay and a culture that may be a better 'fit'. what i can say is, hang in there stick it out for at least six months then re-evaluate. if it is still too difficult then leave. it is the same everywhere but maybe the culture you are in is not conducive to learning. if at six months you feel it's 'ok' stay another six then look elsewhere. bottom line is, you are gaining experience no matter what. and remember, a lot of times people's issues with you (unless you are really unsafe which it sounds like you check yourself and that isn't the issue) are people's issues with themselves. keep us posted and good luck~

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