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I was offered a 7 on/7 off call position. Within a few days of accepting the position I was notified the other two nurses that were hired (another FT 7 on 7 off to work opposite week from me and a PRN on call nurse) decided not to come on board. One decided to remain w/their current employer and the other didn't give a reason other than just changing their mind - supposedly.

I was then given the option to remain 7 on/7 off and if I want to help on the off week until they are able to find someone, I can or I can move to a weekend only call (Fri night through Mon morning) and the case managers and clinical manager would cover M-Thur. call.  Though it was left up to me, the preference seemed to be for me to take the every weekend call so the case managers can get a break from working basically every day. For the record, working every weekend is not a big deal to me.

Census is in the 30's. There is no triage just an answering service. Position is salaried plus mileage & cell phone allowance. I would be paid additional if I worked any hours over my agreed schedule. At this point I am/would be the only true on call nurse, I am told there would be no pressure at all to pick up additional time as they want to be respectful of my time off and my employment agreement. 

The 2 case managers have been at the company less than a year, the clinical manager less than a month. There is no Director, the one they had resigned in late 2023 less than 6 months into the position, no replacement has yet been found. The current clinical manager is the 3rd one in less than a year.  They had 2 social workers but one left and the other transferred to another office, the 3rd one has been with the company about 90 days. The hiring person was upfront about the turnover and indicated it was more of people not wanting to remain working in hospice than issues w/the company. The company is not a locally owned and does have offices in other parts of my state as well as adjoining states. It is medicare/private pay but will soon accept medicaid patients. 

I don't know why I am hesitant to move forward now.. I am not a new nurse, but am new to hospice. I worked hospice briefly about 10 yrs ago for a small agency that ended up going out of business but have worked home health, the hospital and clinics.

It would be nice to have the flexibility that comes w/the position but I'm just not sure now. I need and have to work but I have another part time offer I could accept and find something in addition to that if needed. I don't want to be shortsighted so any advice is much appreciated.




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Something seems off. A lot of people have left this company in a short time and there doesn't appear to be a lot of experience in the current employees. As a new hospice nurse yourself, this spells disaster. I would encourage you to seek a larger hospice with a dedicated onboarding and orientation program. You have a lot to learn and you need good, experienced hospice nurses teaching you. I was an ER/trauma nurse prior to hospice... and I had A LOT to learn about hospice. 

 I was offered a similar position a while back and declined it. Too many red flags when I looked at the totality of the offer..knowing M-Thurs. it would be 15 hours of call each night (5pm to 8 am the next morning) then from Fri. at 5 p.m. to Monday morning at 8 a.m. continuous and being the solo nurse each night and all weekend day and night.. just too much. I also looked at the salary based on the number of on call hours (123ish) and it ended up making the hourly wage less than $25/hr. I think the 7 days off lures a lot of nurses into these types of positions but when you drill down on the time/pay you are giving/'s not balanced in the favor of the nurse or even equal for sure.



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