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My school did not offer anatomy and physiology as one course. I think most schools do combine them and it seems to make things fit together more easily. Since they are not combined I would take anatomy during your first semester and physiology the following semester. It would be difficult to master the physiology content if you haven't had the anatomy, unless of course you find out that instructors are keeping the contents of the 2 courses together. I thought physiology was the harder of the 2 so I would take anatomy and micro together and physiology with stats (which was easy).

Thanks very much for your advice!!! I was gathering from other posts that the classes were usually together, I assumed that is what "A&P" meant, not sure why ours are not... Any suggestions for studying ahead since I will not have the class until the fall?? I am intending to pretend I am in school now, for studying/memorization purposes.. there is a whole lot of material out there and I am not sure what would be useful, what's not, and what I should look into purchasing.



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Anatomy and Physiology separated often means it is the more in depth pre-med course work. Find out if these are the right courses for Nursing. That being said, generally you won't be allowed to take Phys before Anat. Also, I agree with all others, Anat is easier than Phys and Stats is easier than Micro, so...

Anat & Micro 1st Semester.

Phys & Stats 2nd Semester.

I do NOT recommend taking your sciences in the summer as you miss out on a lot of information, and you will actually use A&P and build upon it throughout your college and professional career.

Thank you.. I have been getting both sides of the fence for advice here... I am so glad, so many people are willing to help out...

I think you are right, the course work is more in depth, and while people have said to take Anatomy and Physiology together, I think they are coming from the standpoint, that they took them as one class... I think your pairing advice is great, and probably what I will do.

I am glad you responded to the summer class delimma. My advisor said NOT to take them over the summer, which was my first intention. I have several friends that graduated in Pharmacy, and they always took their harder classes in the summer, because they often felt they were easier. But, I think you are right, plus, I would hope my advisor is!! :-)

Since, especially Anatomy is memorization, any ideas for studying now, material wise.. there is so much out there... I don't know where to begin and I know if I don't take it until the Fall I have plenty of time to pretend I am a student NOW and get a jump start... it can only make it easier down the line.



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If your A&P are separate, I would take them as separate courses to avoid confusion. I would take Micro with Physiology and Anatomy with Statistics if your schedule permits. (I am amazed you got a business degree without stats.:idea: ) And I think I would take the anatomy and the stats first.

I would pair Micro with Physiology because they just seem to team up well. I'm in Micro right now and I can see where learning it with Phys might be helpful and may make the two even more interesting than what I believe they already are.

Good luck in school; you'll do just fine!

I know, the business degree without stats.. the problem is, that I transferred from one school to another before obtaining that degree, and somehow, something must have sufficed from the first college I attended and now does not, for nursing.. I too questioned that...


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In looking at your background in business, I would not take two science classes together. You will be overwhelmed and especially you have your gpa to worry about. See if you can take statistic this summer and Anatomy in the fall. In the Spring, you can take either take micro or physiology and hopefully take one next summer. That way, you can focus on Anatomy by itself in the fall. Anatomy is very challenging class for anyone. Good luck to you and I hope you get all As in all your classes.

Yes, your advice would suit well, but I must have all done by the end of Spring Semester, as I am starting the program (if I get accepted!!) in the summer. It is an accelerated program, offered only to students already having an undergrad in a non-nursing field and goes for 18 months ending with the licensing exam to become a fully licensed RN.

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Yes, Jolie, I do understand what you are saying... The program is EXTREMELY competitive, however, luckily for me, I am applying to an acclerated BSN track, which means, only other students also having an undergraduate degree in a non-nursing field, my apply. The program is 18 months in length and then you take your licensing exam to become a fully licensed RN. While the accelerated program is limited in the "type" of student which may apply, it is still competitive in that, it is my understanding that many other returning stuents are following in my footsteps and returning for a second degree in nursing. And even still, the grades in the Spring are just as important to me, even if I do get accepted the first time around. I have a 3.8 GPA heading into these four classes, and the cut off for acceptance for this year, was a 3.79. My advisor said things looked good, but I still know I must keep up the grades. At any rate, I won't be taking classes until the fall, I had intended to take Anatomy at least then paired with one other, still debating on that one. Any advice to start studying ahead? Where to go for good materials?? I have heard it is basically just learning and memorization - of a whole lot of material-- so I think it could only give me the upper hand to get a head start on this memorization process.

Thanks for your comments and advice, i truly do appriciate it.

Can you audit any of these classes during the summer? You would be allowed to sit in on lectures, but not have access to any test materials or lab sessions. That might help you to prepare for actually taking the classes, since GPA is such an important issue in your acceptance to the nursing program.


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Can you audit any of these classes during the summer? You would be allowed to sit in on lectures, but not have access to any test materials or lab sessions. That might help you to prepare for actually taking the classes, since GPA is such an important issue in your acceptance to the nursing program.

Hmmm, I don't know..... interesting and very good suggestion though, Thanks!! I never thought of that!! It is definitely something I will check into!!

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Oh wow...I was told by a very wise RN student to take A&P and a total "scoot" class (easy class) because A&P is so intense. I am so glad that I did that!!! WOW, how many nights I stayed up past 3am studying at any 24 hour place with a waitress keeping my coffee cup filled! LOL!!!!!!!

I took an art course, and a 'women in mythology' course to satisfy my GPA and electives...and good choice. I had a blast, and never knew I would even like those courses which I actually USE in nursing (talking to folks about art, and using some fun stories from mythology to soothe patients).

I took microbio with other health related classes and that was tough, but I got a very tough teacher on that one! Stickler for the ultimate detail, brand new and had something to prove I guess...the works. She was a hard nose to put it lightly...but boy did I learn!!!!

Stick to your gut instinct and do what I did...ask other RN students about it from your college..they give you the best insite and most are more than happy to help with friendly and sane advise!!!!!!!

Good luck to you!


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Are you located in the midwest? If so I might be able to present a better alternative...


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I would suggest not taking Microbiology at the same time as Anatomy/Physiology. While I enjoyed both of these subjects, they do require a lot of time and studying. I thought that Anatomy and Physiology were taught as one course. If not, then take them together and then take Micro and Statistics together. Good luck in going back to school. We always need nurses.


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Can I ask what part of the U.S. you are located?

I am currently in an Accelerated Second Degree BSN program in NY, and all the programs I checked into (most Second Degree Accel. programs throughout the Eastcoast, and northern U.S.) required Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) as 1 course. Most second degree programs also require A&P II as well as A&P II.

I was lucky to get into a competitive program and they required both these course plus Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, Sociology.

I already had the last 2 as part of my BA, but I had to take 4 courses (A&P 1 & II, Chem and Micro) and did it over a year and a half. I did Micro in the summer (long course) and it worked out well for me, since I enjoyed the class.

Some programs let you apply before you finish the last requirement, but some don't. Check their catalog.

Some programs also require at least a C+ or better in these science prereqs. But of course, it's to your advantage if you can get a higher GPA in the science courses, since these Second degree programs tend to be competitive and many applicants do have high GPAs from the BA work already, plus recommendations, etc. So the program may have to place a higher bar for even the science prereqs, since seats are limited.

So I would recommend not taking 2 sciences that may also have a lab (A&P I, II, and Chem) during one semester, unless you are really confident you can do well. A C grade may be ok for some programs, but most prefer higher.

You may also want to consider applying to more than one school, to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Yes, I was gathering that they are usually one class?? I am wondering why that is?? I am guessing they work hand in hand, correct?? But, to answer you, they are seperate classes for sure. I am not sure why at the college I am attending, this is the case, but it is. Also, to answer your question, I can take at least Anatomy, and maybe some of the others, not sure, over the summer, but I was advised not to by my nursing advisor due to the fact that they are so crunched and harder. I would have thought the opposite. I have had numerous friends in Pharmacy School and they always took their harder classes over the summer becuase they claimed that they were easier. So because of the suggestion of my nursing advisor I was opting not to do this, but perhaps I should??? At any rate, thank you so very much for the advice here. I have a 3.8 GPA before these four classes, and the cut off for acceptance this past year was a 3.79, so obviously the fall sememster is so important to keep my GPA up.
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