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I am wondering what the best brain injury rehab facility in MN is. I live in WI and have a family member, aged 22, who needs rehab and I want the best. Thank you for all replies, and I hope I am not violating the TOS.. Again thank you...

I'm sorry hon, I don't think they'll let us answer that. Try calling that major hospital in Minnesota and asking for a referral to a facility. Good luck to you.

All I know is here in UW Madison and some of the hospitals in Milwaukee are good contenders about brain injuries, but I am assuming you are around Hudson or Eau Claire (west side of state) I had surgery for my seizures at University of Minn Twin Cities and had doctors at MINCEP but they are for epileptics. There is not much on my side of the state either though (Brown County)

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Thank you both for the replies! When it is a young family member- healthy all his life til now, you try anything!! He is in a major MN hosp but we have heard of 2 different facilities from 2 different specialists!! Confusing for this LTC nurse!! Say prayers for us!!

please visit‘a-z resource’ → ‘r’ → ‘rehabilitation’. it may help you in locating and subsequently selecting an appropriate facility. good luck.

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You might try the Bob Woodruff Foundation ( they focus on service members with TBI, they may know of the best "civvy" resources as well.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester (if you are close to Western WI). Best wishes!

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while I can't recommend on rehab that you need, please scour the internet for brain injury support groups. I've been there. I know you feel that your needs are second and can wait.... but you need support for you as to what you're going through.

Please PM me if you wish to chat privately, we're on the long road to recovery from my 18 yr old in an MVA that's changed our lives forever. I don't have all the answers, and many days I seem to have none... but I'm living it too. Some days, having someone like me is enough. You need to be whole to be able to provide the care. We're way past rehab on onto recovery and I don't mind just "listening". Just putting out a different offer that you might not have expected, but I'm here.

I wish you strength in you search and wish you the best.

Please pay attention to what Zookeeper 3 is saying. Support is VITAL ~ I lost my 26 year old son to a drunk driving illegal alien about 4 months before I was diagnosed with cancer (I was told I'd be dead by Christmas). Were it not for the people I had to hang on to I would never had made it ~ reach out for support for yourself and you'll also discover how great it will be because you will become a source of support for others that are not as far along as you are. Good luck to you and definately check out Mayo Clinic in Rochester ~ it's outstanding (I didn't think they'd let usput the facility name in there on my first post but I see they are included in others....).

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