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advice needed for non nursing job with MSN

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Hello I wanted to get some advice in reference to the type of non Nursing Jobs I can get with a MSN- nursing administrator degree. I was enrolled in the recovery program in my state and my license got suspended because I was fired from my job for being late twice. I have been in the recovery program for a few years and any adverse report counts as non compliance and thus my license are suspended, I am still working my recovery program and have not relapsed. I recently graduated with my MSN- nurse administrator in Oct 12 and the action was taken the other day so I cannot use my license to get a job but I am in 100k debt from student loans and my home is in foreclosure so I need a job that pays halfway decent to survive. I have to wait 6 months to apply for reinstatement and I have to go for an eval again prior to applying so I have to have money for that too. I have 13 years nursing experience 5 LPN and 8 years RN as charge nurse and staff nurse in hospitals, long term acute care, pediatrics, lab, correctional and homecare, so if anyone know of what other jobs I can use my degree to get a job until I apply for reinstatement. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you all.

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