Advice Needed! New grad with two offers


Hello All!

As my name implies, and because I know how difficult it is for new grads, I am truly blessed to have such a dilemma. After getting off to a rocky start - fired from my first job - I accepted a part time position. A week after beginning orientation, I received an offer for per-diem work, but neither position is ideal.

Job #1

  • Part-time, 16 hours, every weekend, may be able to pick up additional shifts (permanent, but this interferes big time with family and other commitments)
  • $22/hr, no benefits, no shift differentials
  • Orientation is for 3 weeks, weekends only (will float to different units even after orientation)

Job #2

  • Per-diem, may be able to pick up additional shifts (all the pros/cons of per-diem)
  • $24/hr, no benefits
  • Full time orientation on LTC floor (no floating even after orientation)
  • Commitment is 1 weekend/month and 1 summer/winter holiday (conflicts with part-time)

I've thought about trying to do both, but I'm not sure it's a wise decision as a new grad.

I'm leaning towards giving notice to the part time and accepting the per-diem position because of the flexibility, full time orientation, no floating and I would only have to give up one weekend. I also more have peace about the decision.

Thoughts on this? What else should I take into consideration? Any input would be appreciated.


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Will you be able to get 16 hours a week at your per - diem job?

That would be the only thing to look at....the guarantee of those hours. It depends if you need the hours or the flexibility.

Good Luck!


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If u have a family, take job 2, 1 weekend a month is enough.


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Thanks for the replies. I am hoping that I can change my schedule to every other weekend at the part.time and pick up shifts as needed with the per diem.