Advice needed,Irish nurse in DFW,


Would anyone kindly be able to advice me! Point me in the right direction.

We have moved to DFW from the U.K. with my husbands work. I am an Irish trained RN with 20yrs experience mostly in oncology and Chemotherapy. I am waiting for my qualifications to be verified before applying for the NCLEX. So I can't work as an RN yet. It's a lengthy procedure!!!

In the meantime I am desperate to work, at anything! Medical assistant, phlebotomy etc. I was the senior nurse of a Chemo unit before I came here in January, I have years of vascular access experience and am a PICC placer back in the U.K. , while I know I wont be able to that, I would love to do phlebotomy while I'm waiting for my license. I haven't worked for 6months now and my kids need me to go back to work 😜. Where should I start? are there any reputable agencies? Where can I do a BLS course without having a job? . I have a SNN and a visa to work.

Specializes in Education, Administration, Magnet. Has 18 years experience.

I'll PM you.