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Advice needed for CNA textbook

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Hi Everyone,

I will be teaching a CNA program thru my local adult ed in the Fall. Currently they have been using, Hegner's Nursing Assistant: A Nursing Approach 10th edition (2007).

The director will allow the purchase of new textbooks. Does anyone have any advice they would offer me? I have been on Amazon and have read the reviews on both Lippincott and Mosby's, but I don't feel the reviews have been all that helpful to me.

Thank you for any/all help.



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We're purchasing Gerlach and Hegner's 6th edition for the fall semester and while it is better than what we are now using (Hegner's 2010 edition - I'm assuming it is the first edition) I still find it has a load of non-essential information to sift through. I don't know what state you are in but in mine CNA's are not allowed to do 50% of what the book has in it. Once upon a time they could DC IV's, and foleys, and change simple dressings and do trach care on a permanent trach, and do decubitus care. Now they can't do any of that but I can't find a book without all of that stuff.