Advice: LPN considering informatics

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Hi all,

I know the majority of nursing informaticists are RNs.

Any LPNs out there in informatics? If so, what path did you take to get into informatics?

Background: I’m an LPN (9 years experience, mostly ambulatory) who currently works as an Epic Specialist, so I’m in the healthcare IT world already.

I’m considering pursuing an RN, but I don’t know that it’s feasible if I’d have to quit my job to practice bedside for 2 - 3 years to get RN nursing experience just to get back into the healthcare IT realm.

Any guidance appreciated.



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You don't need to get an RN to go into informatics; I have worked with CNA's and LPN's who are now analysts or trainers.

Epic specialist---what specifically is your role with this job title? Are you doing elbow support? Training?

The next move, would be to apply for the next role up from your current role. I've also worked with elbow support trainers who when the opportunity presented itself, applied for the analyst role, got the job, and now they are certified in that module. 

Now, sure, you can go for your RN, and then try to apply for informatics jobs, nothing preventing you from doing that, but why not just try to hustle and see what is the next job you can get within Epic?  

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If healthcare IT is where you want to be, then getting an RN right now seems like a slight detour.  I agree with ikarus01 - climb the IT ladder.  If you go back to school, do a computer/IT related program, not an RN program.