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Hi all,

A family member of mine is going to be undergoing treatment with an alternative cancer medication. The drug is administered via the IV route, 1 injection (about 10cc) every 3 days for 8 weeks. I would appreciate any thoughts regarding the best way to do this:

1. IV injection each time with a butterfly needle, OR

2. Placement of peripheral IV's (guess this would have to be changed 1-2x/wk)

The other option I guess would be a PICC, which is not preferable in this case..


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much of that depends on the characteristics of the drug that is going to be infused. is it an irritant? a vesicant? it also depends on the condition of your family member's veins. does he or she have good enough veins to withstand repeated vps? what is the skill leve and comfort level of the professional that will be administering the drug?

i have found that a steel butterfly needle causes the least amount of vein trauma, and is more likely to allow repeated vps in the same vein (over a peripheral short catheter). however, there is such a high risk of the needle going out of the vein, leaking medicine into the tissue, that it really isn't an option with a vesicant drug or a highly irritating drug.

a picc may be the best option.

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It depends on the condition of the veins and whether the drug is a vesicant, an irritant or neither.


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I would say picc is best option, but you said it wasn't preferable. why?

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