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My fiance just had an interview that happened 9 days ago and she is concerned.

Please keep in mind:

She worked as an intern at the this hospital this past summer. For the internship she was the 1 of 52 people that applied that got the job. They liked her and when it was done they told her to come back when she was done with classes.

So, she had the interview and HR did not interview her they sent her straight to an interview with 2 supervisors and 1 director. Things went "great" and at the end of the interview they said this.... "you are exactly what we are looking for, the job is yours if you want it." She said thank you that it was done. This past Monday she wanted some conformation so she called HR to see when she should come in for paper work. HR's reply...."umm yeah we have not heard anything." Now my hunny is all worried and stressed. Does she have a right to be? She doesn't start until June.. I told her they just need time for paper work.

What do you all think?


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You know sometimes the powers that be are just not in a hurry to process paperwork, but it is HR's job to chase up the results from the interview and start processing. I can understand her anxiety

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Sometimes the managers say things even though they don't mean it. I have been on a couple of interviews lately and they leave me with the impression an offer will be forthcoming but alas I do not get an offer. It is super frustrating so I feel her pain. I feel like I'm doing something wrong during the interview that I'm not getting a job offer. Technically the offer is supposed to come through HR. When I was a new grad I received an offer everywhere I interviewed and now I can't get an offer anywhere.

Hopefully she hears something soon. Good luck!


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She has probably already done this; but if not, make sure she sends a brief letter/email thanking them for the interview, ending with something about eagerly anticipating her start date.

Later she could call to ask a question she may have forgotten to ask in the interview, as well as when her start date might be - put the bug (or rather keep the bug) in their ear.

Unfortunately, as one other poster said, I've seen managers say one thing and do another. I think most however, would not directly tell her she has the job, only to renege later.

Good luck!


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I've been led to believe during an interview that I was going to be hired, only to find out later on that no job was forthcoming. It is very disconcerting to say the least, particularly the waiting and wondering. It is best to follow up and find out for certain, so that she does not waste any more time waiting for a job that is not going to materialize. Then she can place her energies back to the process of actively looking. Good luck to her. I hope she gets a good job.


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Usually when you get a job offer it is always subfect to satisfactory referrences CRB/police checks and occupational health report. While the managers can offer a job it is then HRs job to do the screening. When I have short listed people for interview some of the ones I really want are not easily employable because of some things not always obvious. I know it can take a lot longer than we all would like to gather necessary documents. Sometimes there is a delay in obtaining referrences - ask your girlfriend to contact the people she put down as referees and see if they have been contacted and if they have replied.

Ok.... The wait is over and she received a phone call today confirming that she got the job. Now it is on to the paper work and figuring what her wage is.:w00t:

Thanks for all the input..


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