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Advice for GYN unit interview


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So I managed to snag an interview on a GYN unit thanks to a nurse tech who works on that unit. I have my BSN. Graduated with honors from a university in 2012. I currently work as a home health nurse doing private duty pediatric shifts and do NOT like it. I also do some RN visits. I need this full-time, facility job to support my family and it's all riding on this interview! I would LOVE to work in GYN. I was told by my friend that the unit is very short-staffed on nights and I've already expressed to the recruiter my willingness to work nights.

I wanted to know what specific GYN things I should keep in mind during the interview, and what things I should mention to really show them that I'm prepared, besides the typical interview stuff. I'm terribly afraid that because I've only been in home health and even that's limited experience, that they won't really consider me a top candidate. I've interviewed for many hospitals in the past. I'm dying to get this job!

TIA for any advice!

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I got hired on an L&D unit as a new grad. The night before the interview, I went through my OB/GYN text book and tried to memorize what I thought was important from each chapter review. I studied hard-like I was going to take the NCLEX again! lol

They did not ask ONE unit specific question! Yours may be different, but instead of fretting about all the facts you learned in school, focus on the critical thinking stuff. i.e. what would you say to a young woman just diagnosed with cervical cancer if she was distraught over becoming infertile? That sort of thing.

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Thanks, scaredsilly. I'm happy to report that I got the job! :) Got a call w/ an offer a couple hours after the interview :)