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Advice for good RN to BSN program

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Hi, I'm looking into starting an RN to BSN program this spring. I only have an AS, so I will have to take several liberal art classes... I was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions or opinions about the schools here in MN that offer the program.

So far I'm considering:

-St. Catherine (here is where I got my AS just this past May) - Most expensive (around $550 per credit)

-Bethel - More or less $500

-Augsburg - Around $450

-St Scholastica - Around $400

-Winona State - Around $270

-Moorhead Minnesota State - $230

I tend to want the least complicated options when available. For example, St Kates will take me right away, with little paperwork just because I'm an alumnus. However, that's also the most expensive option!

I would really appreciate any help, thanks!

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I am also looking for an RN to BSN program currently for this spring semester. I'm pretty sure Augsburg has weekend/night classes if that's what you want. Completion is 1.5-2 years. Augsburg also has some masters/doctorate programs for progression.

I applied to Bethel's nursing ADN program a few years ago- the whole process was sloppy so I'm staying away from Bethel.

I'm currently looking at Saint Scholastica, Winona, Moorhead, and Mankato. Saint Scholastica is supposed to be 9 months long although it sounds like there is a lot of writing. Winona State is 2 semesters long.

Metro State is another school you could consider... A lot of nurses around here go to Metro State... Although it could take up to 3 years to complete.

Most of my nursing student friends applied to Moorhead... I'm kind've leaning towards Saint Scholastica because I would love to get it over with in 9 months...

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