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Advice on going back to school


Hi there! I think I am ready to pursue my Masters. I am pretty comfortable in my current position and have no plans to leave. My employer does not really encourage or require anything further than an associates unless you plan to move into administration at some point, and even then its not required. Personally, I find the MSN in Education to be the most interesting, but I am thinking the MSN in Leadership and Administration might be better career wise later on.

My question is this, does it really matter which track I choose? Would Administration be better for my career than education? Since I have no current plans to leave my job, I am trying to choose between what interests me more versus what might look better on a resume when applying for jobs later if I choose to do so. I am told the only difference is one semester worth of classes, so I could do either or.

Any input? Id appreciate any advice you could offer.


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If you don't "need" it then I would do what interests you the most.

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Go where your heart tells you to go. It sounds as if either one would work for you.

Another tactic to help you decide: If you did lose your job 3 years from now because something happened to your employer to make your current job unattractive -- or because something unexpected changed in your life ... what type of job would you seek? It is never safe to assume that nothing will change in your life or job and that you are never going to be searching for a new job. If you needed a new job, what type would you want? Which degree would best help you get such a job? Would you be interested in working for a nursing school? work in Staff Development? Be a manager?