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I worked as a CNA/PCT in a large hospital, worked in the Emergency Room, ICU, CCU and all medical floors. I was also trained as a phlebotomist, worked in two large hospitals and several clinics as one for about 8 years. I now have been working in a different field for about 8 years and am on a list waiting for nursing clinicals. I want to get a job in a hospital again and have a lot of experience, but have applied for about 20+ positions, but have yet to get one interview. Any advice on what to do?

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this amazes me as I would think your skills would be in demand. Maybe you need to try non-hospital facilities. Are you limiting yourself to certain hours or days to work?

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Call them, call them, call them. Continue to show interest in the position and they'll show interest in you.

Not limiting hours, I have applied for 2nd an 1st shift and I believe, even one 3rd shift job. I just keep applying and even sent an e-mail to a couple of the human resource people asking what I should be doing, or if I should be doing more. I was trying to take the clinicals for the phlebotomy certification and there is a 2 year wait for those, I am hoping to be into nursing clinicals by fall of 2011. Otherwise, I guess I just keep applying...

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