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Advice in Florida


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I’m having a personal dilemma with guiding my nurse friend. So as an RN in the state of Florida.

So as a friend of mine went family camping one of their children’s  friends went camping with them. As the child opened their backpack a lovenox injection fell out. After speaking with the child and their reaction it is very apparent this child had no idea where it came from, how it got there, or why.

My friend knows the immediate family background one parent did IV drugs the other parent got a restraining order against them when they discovered the situation and they have no contact with them neither do the kids.

I know if you have a nurse patient relationship you would have to report it. Not having that relationship does it require you to make a report?

Would you properly dispose of the syringe or would you call Dcf to file a report and hand it over to them?

Thank you in advance for helping me guide my nurse friend 😀

Chickenlady, ADN

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I would speak to the custodial parent about it.  It may not be the parent's syringe.  The kid could have sourced it elsewhere and the parent should know about that.  I wouldn't treat this as a nursing issue, but as a parent to parent issue.  If they say nobody in the family uses Lovenox, then I'd educate on what the med is and the dangers.  If it does belong to a family member, then they need it back, so I'd return it.  


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I'm confused...IV drug use and administration of a blood thinner are two different things.  

And your reporting what to who??!

Boy, that's such horrible, mean-spirited thing to do to your "friend." or anyone for that matter.