Advice for choosing a specialty (FNP or AGPCNP)

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I need some advice on choosing a specialty. I am applying to a masters program next fall and plan on cutting back my hours at work for school. I am interested in either FNP or the adult/gerentology primary care np. Any advice on how the job market differs for either? Obviously the FNP can see a wider range of patients but the school I am going to only has a part time option for FNP and I really want to go full time. Although I currently work in an adult inpatient unit I really want to do primary care. Also I have never worked with children and really don't desire to, but if the job market is that much better for FNP I would be willing to do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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The trend (in both hiring and education) is toward FNP; it will give you the best flexibility for jobs now and in the future.

I agree. FNP is generally what is advertised for and then it will add specialty info in the job description. I have a friend who is a FNP who has since graduation worked at a clinic for an OB/GYN and she does all his routine GYN visits. He trained her how he wanted her to do in his office (isn't it that way in every doctor's office). I chose FNP track because my friend who are FNP's but originally were ANP had to return to school for post masters certification in children because their employer requires that they be able to see children.

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