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I have 2 years exp. as a psych nurse (but only PT/PD), 1.5 as a MH counselor, and a BA in psychology

Job A: 32 hours in a psych hospital; 24 hours eves on a 6-bed unit where I'd be the only nurse--I'm not so much concerned about safety (pts are less acute/screened out for hx of violence), but missing having co-workers around/feeling lonely. other 8 hrs would be as admission nurse for the hospital. Pay is good, but Id rather not be on eves (my SO will probably work days). I *would* get a stronger psych nursing foundation, though, and I know I like working on an inpatient unit. Also, all the nurses I met seemed to be v. happy working here.

Job B: FT "Health and Wellness Nurse" for MH agency that works with chronically MI clients in the community/group homes; I would be involved in creating health/wellness education programs, doing staff trainings (for MHW's), case mangement, advising on medically compromised pts (HTN, diabetes, in residential programs), supervise 2 other health/wellness educators. The job sounds exciting- I like advising and education, and the shifts are days! However, I don"t have much supervisory experience and I'm worried I might have too little experience. Also, the job is a lot more responsibility--one of the things I like about nursing is that I can come home at the end of the day and be *done*-- no deadlines, long term projects, etc like I have been deaing with for the last 5 years in school.

Option C= wait for something better..I submitted my app. for an inpatient unit, 40 hrs 12-8p which is a great shift and supposedly pays very well. *But* I would most likely be giving up Job A.

I have been offered Job A will hear back from Job B on Wed; I just wanted to ask ahead of time/in case to get the most responses!

Thanks so much


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Lol, you must have read my mind with the shorter version. ;) Just for me personally job A sounds awesome. I'm often the only nurse but I love hanging out and chatting with my techs when we have time so I don't feel alone. Love working nights especially because DH works days, it keeps our marriage alive, lol. Job B would not appeal to me at all but it does sound like something that you would like. Your resume is nice and it sounds like you are ready to move to the next level so I wouldn't let inexperience stand in your way of taking this one if you can live with the extra time you might need to invest. It kind of depends on your area but in these tight times I probably wouldn't wait for a job C and unless I missread that one kind of sounds like a job you could find most any time in the future if you aren't happy with A or B. Congratulations, its great to have choices isn't it?

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I would be all over Job A. Job B sounds a little hectic, and it would get monotonous after a while going over the same material repeatedly with different people.


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I like Job A. Sounds like a therapeutic environment for patients and staff. Go for it!


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My question for you is where do you want to end up? Which job will better suit that?

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