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Although my answer may be embedded in someone's post, I need advice on making a career change. I was accepted to a few 2nd degree BSN programs in the stat of PA and Maryland, I would like to practice someday as an anesthetist, and it is not for the monetary incentive, although that is a bonus, I do well enough currently as a pharm. rep. My questions are what my chances are of getting in, since it seems like everyone is trying to go this direction? My degree is in biology 3.3 cum. science gpa about 3.4. I recieved my degree in 97'. After I completed graduate level courses in sciences, ranging from pathology, biochemistry, including a year of gross anatomy, most grades were B's. I then attended a physician assistant program and completed the didactic portion most grades were B's a few A's and a few C's, it was at this point I learned about the nurse anesthesia practitioner. I became greatly interested in this field and to make a long story short, I got a job in pharmaceuticals and opted out of completing the PA program esp. since it would set me back another 35K on to the first year I aquired in the program. I then took on a job in pharmaceuticals, and in the mean time I am debating if it would be a good move to let go of my job as a rep and pursue this thing. So, again, what are my chances? I am

31 years old, and a little afraid of the long term outlook for anesthetists. Also,I stink at tests like the GRE, although I never took the exam before. Do I need to nail this exam?

Second question does the 2nd degree school I attend matter to an anesthesia program. I am from Pgh area and anticipate being accepted to Duquesne, and have already been accepted to Drexel in Philly for March, not sure if I will go there being I have not a clue where to live. Thanks in advance for any replies.

DJT, I go to Drexel's ACE program and want to be an anesthetist. I was young and not as studious as I should have been in college, therefore my GPA from my bio degree is lower than yours. However, I have gotten my act together and have a 4.0 in my nursing program. I plan on retaking some of the classes (like o-chem) that I did not do well in. I'm not a CRNA yet, but it sounds like you have a great chance at acceptance provided you do well in your nursing program. If you stink at the GRE take a prep class. Good luck!


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Thanks for a little insight. I read that you go to Drexel's program, is there any place to stay near the school, I am completely unfamiliar with Philly, Pgh is very small in comparison. I like the idea that it starts in March but am reluctant to go being I have to find a place to live and don't have a clue where to start, if you have any advice feel free to share. Thanks, By the way how is the program there? They recommended PDA's.


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If you are "little afraid of the long term outlook for anesthetists", it might be because you are talking to too many (narrow minded) MDAs during your work as a drug rep.

CRNAs believe our long range outlook is excellent. The narrow minded of the MDAs have been predicting our demise for at least three decades.

I know things have been a little unsettled in Pittsburgh among the anesthesia community. Not all of the country is like that. Oh, yeah, there is some overall volatility now. But there is just too huge of a provider shortage for the health care system to do without us.

And, we aren't going down without a fight. The AANA is ranked right up there with the AMA, etc. when it comes to DC lobying.

You may have a lot of factors to consider in your decision. But I would not let a fear of going into a dead end career be one of them.

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I wouldn't worry about the future of anesthetists. There is a great demand now and will only increase in the future. Go to and look at all of the jobs and salaries there. It is an eye-opener. I do worry that you may be looking for the perfect profession. Being a nurse anesthetist is great, but it isn't for everyone.


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Yoga--- You're going to get me in trouble! I clicked on your link and found a website to order bachelorette party gifts and other sex gag gifts!! lol :)

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So sorry for the wrong information. Go to I just checked it and there are over 1400 jobs listed. Is this a great profession or what?


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