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I am an LVN recently located to the Austin area. Had planned on going straight in to RN school but found that the ADN program in the local community college was totally filled with a waiting list twice as long as the number they accepted - each summer semester start.

So I'll explore other options to get my ADN.

In needing to work - I've found that each of the two major hospitals here make it seem impossible to get hired as an LVN and one states you must actively be working on your RN as a preferred qualification. And...their starting salary is much lower than other cities.

Just a strange atmosphere here for LVN's - and I don't think it's my imagination. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas - almost everywhere else are begging for LVN's and I would have no problem walking out with any number of positions on any given day.

But here in the capital city - it is very different.

Any advice on the best place for employment opportunities in this area and anything else would be appreciated.



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Ashera, I'm a student here in Austin and I also have a friend who is planning on getting his ADN. He had the problem of the long long long waiting list, among other problems, at the "local community college." He found that Central Texas College in Killeen has an ADN program that's much more flexible and easier to get into. The cost is also lower. You may want to explore that since it's only about a 45 minute commute from north Austin. Their link is:

Also you may want to consider Temple College in Temple. It's about as far as the other and their link is

Maybe one of those options will work for you if moving to another city is not an option for work or if you really want to pursue getting your ADN.

Good Luck!


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not sure if your up for moving a little south to San Antonio or commuting probably 60-70 miles there but St. Philips college has an LVN to ADN program and I don't think they have a waiting list.


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Try Temple TX, just an hour north on I-35 from the edge of Austin. Scott and White Hospital, The Veteran Administration Hospital, and King's Daughters Hospital usually have opening's. Central Texas College (Killeen) has Associates degree,wiHich Scott & White eagerly hires Mary Hardin Balor has a 4 year program which is very expensive (Belton, Texas)

Central Texas is a good place to become an RN. You just have to know where to look. Austin on the other hand does'nt have a shortage of nurses. Look at the pediatric practices however. My step deughter just moved out of one, back to deep south Texas.


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Central Texas College is where I'm attending currently. The program for generic RN is getting very popular and new policies will soon built a waiting list to something similar to that of Austin Community. However, for now, the transition LVN to RN program isn't difficult to get into. Take all your pre-reqs first. There are dorms on campus, as well as married student/single parent housing. As for work, LVNs typically work in the nursing homes I hear. Though St. David's hospital will hire them and help with tuition for the adn program. Oh! ACC has a new online adn program too. Check into it.

Good luck. I miss my home town. Killeen is so quiet!

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