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Advice on Applying for ABSN - May 2010, - where can I do my prerequisites quickly!!!

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Hi everyone - I recently moved to NC and I intend to apply in Jan 2010 to get in May 2010 but would like to find out where I can take my prerequisites as it appears that I have to do that before I put my application in. I do have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and also did a certificate course in Applied biology - both of which are not from the US. I have since obtained a MSc in HCM from CALSTATE LA. Any other advice would be useful in terms of planning the process. Thanks

I honestly don't know what an MSc is, but I assume that it is a bachelor's degree? All accelerated programs (at least the ones I am familiar with) require a previous bachelor's degree, just FYI.

As far as taking your courses is concerned, I think the best way to do it would just be through your local community college. If you take the class online, you run the risk of the school being unaccredited (and then you would have to take the class all over again anyway). Unfortunately, there really isn't a "quick" way to get the pre-reqs. done as it usually requires at least two semesters (depending on what classes you have previously taken). For example, you have to take Anatomy and Physiology 1 before you can take Anatomy and Physiology 2.

As far as classes you have taken in other countries are concerned (that could potentially count for the pre-reqs. you need here), I would get copies of your transcripts from those schools and then call the programs you are interested in. Ask them if they accept any international credits, and, if so, if they would evaluate your transcript.

Good luck! Let us know how things turn out.


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I took mine at Cleveland Community College (Shelby, NC) online and they are accepted at UNC.

Thanks for both your responses. Momofthreeboys, did you take the online anatomy and physiology continuing ed class at CCC and was that accepted at UNC? Please let me know.



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I did do the online A & P (BIO 165 & BIO 166) at CCC and it was accepted by UNC- It was confirmed with a transcript evaluation by the School of Nursing just this month

Any class that you take online through a North Carolina community college should transfer without a problem. Just be aware that you might have to travel to where the community college is located in order to initially register for the class. That said, the class will not be shorter than a traditional class taught in a classroom. The time-saving part would just be that you wouldn't be required to drive to a campus a few days a week.

Good luck, and let us know how things pan out!

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