Adventist Health White Memorial New Grad 2018

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody here has had an experience with digital interviews? I received an email from White Memorial and they are asking for a digital interview in which I can record myself and submit it to them for a review before moving on to face to face interviews. Did anybody else apply and get this email? Does anyone have any experience with this kind of interview?

Hi! I applied and received the same thing; I haven't submitted it yet! Did you? How did it go?

Hi! I haven't done it yet. I'm planning on doing the interview tomorrow. Still preparing myself! How about you? I saw on Facebook, on one of the new grad RN groups that it was about 4 questions, it was "easy" and to know why you want to work for them.

I just submitted it, it's not that bad! It's just 4 questions- think typical interview type questions and it's only 10mins. Also, it's due tomorrow. Good luck!

Has anyone heard back from Adventist after the video interview?

Nope, I haven't heard anything. Will keep you guys updated.

Nope, I haven't heard anything. Will keep you guys updated.

Great, thank you!

hey everyone! any word?

Hi everyone, I haven't received anything yet!

Still no word?

Still no word for me. I've been looking at my email, my junk email etc. But have not received anything yet. Has anybody called?

Still no word on my end either.. I keep checking my email/junk as well and I'm checking my status on the adventist website daily but no change. I haven't tried calling yet.

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