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Advent Health Contract

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I just wanted some advice...I started with AdventHealth (FLorida) in July and got a 5000 dollar relocation bonus in exchange for 24 months of employment. I signed a promissary note of repayment which states that they are able to do a payroll deduction for the amount and if there is any left over you have ten days from your last day of employement to repay. First off I have no problem with paying it back. However, I have an offer for employment for a significantly higher wage per hour and overall better opportunity. I guess my question is has anyone delt with Advent Health before regarding this? I really cannot afford to lose my whole paycheck and more than likely won’t be able to pay it within ten days. Did advent stay true to taking legal action against you? And deduct it out of your payroll check? Where they flexible and let you do some other type of repayment? I know I should talk to HR but kind of hesitent to bring it up at the moment as I haven’t officially accepted the other offer. 

Thanks for any help 

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