Working part time as an FNP

  1. Does anyone have experience working part time as an FNP? Is it difficult to find a position? Is it possible to do it as a new grad? I'm considering going back for my FNP and want to know what to expect as far as work/life balance with kids at home.

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  3. by   YoutubeTheNP
    I have a FT NP job and 3 part time jobs. I've never just worked PT before. But I would assume you would have a difficult time as a new grad with no experience. Not only would you lack experience and require assistance from your attending the first 1-2 years, you'd also slowly gain experience working PT which is never a good thing. You also need to work a minimum amount of hours per year to maintain license. I forgot how many hours though.
  4. by   ManicMommy123
    I think you can certainly find jobs that are flexible as a nurse practitioner depending on your area of location. Have you done a job search?

    FNPs at this point, are not forced to work in a family care clinic, many work in specialty and they may only want someone part-time or 12 hour, etc.

    I work prn as a NP, but have lots of experience.
  5. by   Bumex
    My PT job as a NP is essentially a full time one. I get called ALL the time and have to do billing crap even on my days off.
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    I have a full time job but also work part time in Urgent Care. Part time jobs exist but I've seen that most want experience.
  7. by   overlooked
    I will start working part-time as a volunteer NP because I can't seem to get a job. I think there is some descrimination that I am dealing with. There are so many people in my area going to school to be FNP the market is saturated. I believe there can be work life balance if you know what things to sacrifice, such as a social life. I juggled school, work and home while I was attending school. I tried to work ahead on assignments when possible. Sometimes I spent Saturdays enjoying daylight with the cchildren and staying up all night to complete assisgnments. There are often cohorts that are suppportive of each other. My classmate cohorts and I lived in differenct cities, but we were able to make a connection and sometimes worked on our group projects together. I made a lot of crock pot meals or sandwiches. Throw a load of lothes in the washer, type a paper. Find a program that provides clinical placement sites. We had to find our own clinical sites and that made it difficult.
  8. by   elizabell
    I became a mother while I was doing my NP program and finished clinicals, took boards, and went on the job market with a young child at home. My preference was to find part-time work so that I could continue to spend time with my little one (especially because we plan to add another 1-2 kids to the family in the next few years). However, I was anxious about the possibility of finding part-time work as a new grad NP.

    Shortly after graduation, I was contacted by a recruiter for a company that does home health assessments. It is not the best work, in terms of experience or resume-building but it is VERY flexible and was a nice transition back into the work place. I have been working for them 2 days per week for the last few months. I can set my own schedule, the pay is good, and it is very low-stress. However, I am not using the skill set or knowledge base that I developed in school and, career-wise, I know that it is important for me to take on a more challenging role.

    I ended up getting an offer from a primary care clinic where I precepted. Their interviewing process and credentialing takes forever... seriously, from the time I first talked to the recruiter until my first day of work will be 8 months!! I was able to negotiate one day off per week (32 hours/week) so that I can have a full day home with my son and still be eligible for benefits (which are excellent, by the way!). I am technically 80% full-time and I wasn't sure if I would be able to do that as a new provider. It makes it a lot easier for me to think about sticking with the position long-term after I have more experience and more little ones at home.
  9. by   BostonFNP
    I don't have any personal experience with this but I did have two colleagues that start out as novice NPs part time and they both had some problems adjusting to the NP role in this setting. It may have been the individuals too, but both had similar struggles.