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  1. I have applied to the Univ of Cincinnati's online WHNP program. I have not found many other options for online WHNP programs, and UofC seems to be a good school. However, I am curious to hear from people who have gone to other programs or who have done the one at UofC. I am so nervous waiting to hear back from them on an admission decision and would love to hear experiences of others! Thank you
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    I graduate 12/2008 from the same program. There were two things about the program that I didn't care for. Number #1 - You are placed within a group of students and you must work together - not so unreasonable if everyone pulls their academic weight. There were a few times when we were given an assignment where everyone had to contribute an idea and then everyone would vote on whose idea was the best choice. Well the first time my idea was chosen, I was flattered - but then, when the next assignment was given I decided to wait a bit before contributing my idea. I waited until the last day before our ideas were due - no one had contributed anything!! Well, I finally gave in and sent my idea. Guess what? Everyone loved my idea again and chose it (without contributing any of their own ideas) I complained to the instructor and suggested that in the future EVERYONE should be made to submit an idea to the instructor and ONLY then can the group vote on the best choice. #2 - You are not placed in a clinical practicum - you must find your own - It was hard for me in the Seattle area because UW has most of the clinical sites wrapped up - even planned parenthood! I kept getting "You're who? , and from where? and you want what?" I had to find two different places to do gyn and OB because the gyn clinic didn't do OB.
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    I'm applying to online womens health FNP programs. Can someone tell me how hard it is to get in without lots of floor nursing experience. I have only 9 months PCU experience and have NO desire to continue floor nursing. I want to go straight for my masters in women's health as this is my passion. Any suggestions for schools? I want to start ASAP!!
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    I am just wondering how it's going with your online program? I am looking at the same online program at U of C. and have all the same concerns you had in the beginning. Your post is old and I hope you get this! I have a few questions for you: How much time do you devote each day and are you working full time? Would love to hear from you! I am a recent BSN grad with a year of experience working in a women's health clinic.
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    I know this is old but I also have a few questions. I'm looking into this program as well and was wondering how difficult admissions is.... I think I'd be okay to find my own clinical experiences but I would like to know if the program is feasible if you work full time? Also, does anyone know how the program will be effected once they make the switch over to requiring DNP programs to acquire an advanced nursing practice certification?
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