Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application - page 8

Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course... Read More

  1. by   Barbaraleev
    Just got an email to set up a phone interview! I don't know what that means in terms of getting in but I am nervous and excited! I tried to schedule for Friday morning but they were already full (ahh!) so I am trying to pick a non-filled time spot. The latest they are doing interviews is February 8 so hopefully everything will be decided soon.
  2. by   AMC13
    I can't PM yet...but good luck at your interview! I also tried to schedule for Fri morning and they were full. Everyone must have had the same idea!
  3. by   blackbird singing
    Me too re: Friday morning interviews! Guess everyone wanted to get it over with!
    Good luck to all!
  4. by   danceluver
    @blackbird singing: Couldn't pm you back because your mailbox is full, but wanted to wish you best of luck!! Took a slot for next week
  5. by   bruins2012
    Hey everyone!
    Has anyone who applied to ACNP (Pre-Specialty) heard anything yet? It's now February 1st, and I'm getting concerned because the last I heard was that my "application was under review" in December. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. by   silverbelle
    Hi bruins2012, I applied for acnp direct entry... I called last week and they said there were lots of applicants; they had not reviewed everyone's application but basically not to worry and they would let me know as soon as they could. I went to the open house last year in march , there were plenty of people who applied and did not know anything yet.... I think we just have to wait..🎈
  7. by   Barbaraleev
    So I wrote back to the lady yesterday about an alternate time for the interview and she didn't email me back today. Anyone else have this going on?
  8. by   bluskyy
    i'm aware that vandy is still holding interviews up until feb 9th...when i emailed them last week, someone told me that interview invites will be sent within the next 2 weeks. there's still time left
  9. by   beeg025
    @bruins2012 & silverbelle..i am also an ACNP (pre-spec) applicant and I have yet to hear anything from admissions. I was getting a little anxious as well so i'm glad to hear its been quiet. Hopefully we will hear from them soon! If anyone is contacted re: an interview or in general please give us a heads up! Good luck to everyone
  10. by   silverbelle
    It sounds like we are in the same boat.....wait, have faith and hope🙏 Thanks for posting and good luck everyone!
  11. by   Barbaraleev
    Got an email today, my interview is set for tomorrow at 3:20. I'll write and let everyone know how it went!
  12. by   nursestudent1978
    Okay so I got pretty nervous after reading that some people were getting interviews and some weren't, so I decided to go back and read about the 2011 pre specialty students experiences. Turns out most didn't get interviews and of those that didn't get interviews a lot got in. Also, their interviews started in January and the decisions were trickled out, yep trickled not sent in mass (the horror!) beginning February 20th. Since the interviews for us started later we might not hear about acceptance until later too. Good luck everyone!!!!!

    Oh and I'm applying to FNP (which I'm nervous about, I figured since there's so much information to learn that it would be less popular. I should have researched more!!! Now I wish I'd picked Women's health!) I have a 3.7 GPA with a 4.0 on prereqs, I have around a 1300 on the GRE (took the new one and it's difficult to convert between the two) with a 5.5 on the writing. However, I'm seriously lacking on any experience regarding health care. I did a shadowing program but it was only for a week. So here's hoping they give me a chance even though my health care background is nonexistent
  13. by   Barbaraleev
    Just got off the phone (literally) with the interviewers. They were very nice, I have no idea if I answered their questions appropriately but I really hope so. Best of luck,all!