Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2012 Application - page 4

Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course... Read More

  1. by   Barbaraleev
    I am so excited to hear back good luck to everyone!!
  2. by   dlynn25
    Hey everyone! I applied at the end of November for the direct entry msn program for non-nurse majors. Anyone else apply to that program? Also, has anyone gotten notification that their application is complete? I received an email that they would notify me when it was complete (gre scores received, transcript, etc). I have not heard anything though and didn't know if I should be concern. When I log on to my application profile, it says it is ready for review. I'm so anxious!! I hope I get in.
  3. by   Barbaraleev
    How was everyones holiday? Anyone else so nervous about getting in that they formulated back up plans? Because thats what I have been doing haha. When should we hear, I wonder?
  4. by   prooxfordcomma
    Hey dlynn25, they didn't let me know either! Their website said my transcripts were missing. At one point, I saw something that said don't send transcripts, but at another time, they said you have to send them. I sent them, but the website said they had not arrived. I called them, and they're really nice in the admissions office and will help you out, and as it turned out, they had arrived. Where else did you apply?? I applied to Columbia, Boston, Virginia Commonwealth, and Seattle. I can't decide if Columbia, Boston, or Vanderbilt is my first choice though...
  5. by   2nurse1
    Hi everyone! When's the deadline for the msn program? I'm interested in applying. I read online that its rolling? If i submit it around end of January do you think I'll have a chance? Thanks and happy new year!
  6. by   silverbelle
    2nurse1: I went to the open house last spring and they said that several specialties were not filled and it was not uncommon to continue to fill slots into the early summer....apply, it is still early!

    I am going to apply this week for the ACNP long distance program....anyone else????
  7. by   mellzie22
    I never received anything saying that my application was complete either, so I'm not sure what is going on. I will probably call next week.
  8. by   Les37043
    Hi all! I did not read all posts but wanted to give my input since I am currently in the WHNP distance program at Vandy. I started last August. My GRE scores were not great but I do have 17 years of nursing experience. I don't know how hard it is to get in if you don't have experience. The fact that I am a distance student also helped because I arrange my own preceptor (which they had to approve). Good luck to all. I am really enjoying the program. Yes, it is a lot of work, and a lot of money but....
  9. by   2nurse1
    thanks silverbell! i guess i'll be submitting my applications soon!
  10. by   AnneP85
    Does anyone know when we will start hearing about interviews for PMHNP? I am getting really nervous! I receieved a confirmation email on December 17th or 18th that they had receieved everything and it was in review right now.
  11. by   jordans
    Hey ya'll! I am also wondering if anyone has received an interview notice yet? I applied to the PMHNP as well and I know that it was around this exact time last year that the first interviews were done. I got a confirmation email that my file was sent for review about a month ago. I am a direct entry I guess, I have a BSN already. Anyone have any updates?
  12. by   AnneP85
    @ jordans-- I believe in the next week or two they will start looking at applications and scheduling interviews. I work with several NPs who went there and are either teaching over there or in school for DNP and one told me that there is a stack of the first set of apps ready to be looked at soon! In general you hear late January/early February about an interview... I am getting really nervous. Do you know if everyone gets one or no?
  13. by   jordans
    Just got an email today to schedule my interview!! It is Monday afternoon, she said about 30 min over the phone with two people. Anyone else here anything? Anyone have any idea what the questions might be??