Sport Physicals for the Under Served

  1. Hi!

    I am a recently licensed CPNP in the state of FL. I have a real passion for performing community service and helping the under served. I would really like to provide sports physicals in an inner city area here locally to help divert some of the children and teens to after school programs instead of other activities that could lead to disaster. I have teamed up with my local United Way and they are very interested in working with me. A few questions to anyone who has been doing this longer than me

    1. If cleared by my collaborating physician this should be okay correct?
    2. For those who have Medicaid could I bill Medicaid for performing the physical?

    I plan on being very thorough in my paperwork and intake ect. Still trying to get the logistics down but right now I would love any insight from anyone who has done something similar or may be able to point me in the right direction on where I could find the information. I am currently combing through my state practice act but my eyes are starting to cross
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  3. by   Jules A
    You should be able to bill for anything reimbursable through medicaid. I'd contact schools to see if they wanted to set up a sports physical clinic.

    I agree sports are amazing for all kids but the thing to consider when people start talking about their altruistic intentions for "the underserved" is that, at least in my specialty, those with medicaid are often not underserved and may have better access with better coverage for health care needs than those with private insurance many who are the children of the "working poor". Its great that you are interested in reaching out to inner city children and there are many projects that could be helpful I'd recommend talking with schools to determine and consider where the true need lies so you are able to do the most good with your time.
  4. by   DizzyJon
    Be sure to consider malpractice. Your coverage at your primary site will likely not cover you if you are technically doing a separate job on the side. So, if you're billing on your own and not through your employer, then you need your separate coverage.