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  1. I have been practicing as an FNP for about a year in Illinois. My husband and I are seriously interested in moving to Aruba in the near future short term (maybe 5 years or less). I haven't been able to find much about how to go about in getting licensed or gain the ability to legally practice there. I actually have no idea where to really start because my many google searches on how to obtain an NP license in Aruba has failed to bring any useful information. Any information from those who have done something similar or know how to go about this would be much appreciated!

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  3. by   babyNP.
    I don't know about Aruba in particular, but NPs aren't not nearly as well known in other countries. Most countries do not have a separate licensure for them if they have them at all, which goes to show the situation.
  4. by   ICUman
    You may have to end up taking locum tenens assignments here in the U.S. for short periods of time.

    There's been a few previous threads here inquiring about situations similar to yours and I believe that's what they ended up doing.
  5. by   FullGlass
    You could try contacting the Aruba embassy or consulate and look at their website for information on working in Aruba. You could also look up some clinics or hospitals in Aruba and talk to their HR departments.