NP, ANP, FNP......Help please!!!!

  1. Hi dear respectable nurses and advance practice nurses,

    I am a nursing student and in the middle of my two year program at the moment. I have big dreams in which one of them is to become an APN sometimes in the future.

    I am confused as to the different types of ANP that are out there. I have a couple of questions and I appreciate your answers and any additional information you may provide. The questions are:

    1. Could anyone tell me the differences between them?

    2. Which one is more marketable now and easier to get hired?

    3. I live in southern california, does anyone know if NP can practice individually?

    4. Do NPs need to buy liability practice insurance?

    5. I appreciate any information aside from the ones I listed.

    Thank you in advance!!!
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  3. by   cinciNP
    I can't speak about anything specific to California, as I am in Ohio. An FNP can treat anyone at any age. An ANP is limited to 13 & up. In Ohio there are several jobs for both. FNPs seem to have more options available though. Also, I don't think they will have the option to be certified as an ANP when you would graduate. As for liability insurance...some jobs cover it and others don't.
  4. by   cinciNP
    I forgot.....good luck in whatever you decide. You have many options in nursing!
  5. by   Tinabeanrn
    I think FNP is the boardest form there is. As a FNP I am seeing women that are pregnant, babies, kids, adolescents, adults and geriatric pts. So I feel like I have to be a jack of all trades. As an ADN, you see ppl 12 and up. Still can see women, but I dont think they do too many pregnant women. There are womens health NPs, Pediatric NPs, neonatal NPs, Acute care NPs and geriatric NPs. Just depends on what you want to do. Most employers pay for your malpratice insurance, but some private docs may want you to pay for it yourself.
  6. by   swtcaligurl
    Thank you all so much for your info and insights!!!!! I'll keep you all updated
  7. by   tewdles
    In some states FPNs can have private practices.