NNP title?

  1. This may seem silly but I want to be correct. My wife graduates from NNP school and I wanted to get her a white coat with her name and credentials. She is in a masters program

    Would it read FirstName LastName RN , MSN NNP?
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  3. by   Jules A
    What a sweet gift however you are heading into treacherous territory. There is no simple answer to that question and many have strong opinions about it. Unless you are able to nail her down specifically I would either get the coat and have it embroidered later or maybe a couple of good books instead? The hospitals where I work provide us with embroidered lab coats.
  4. by   babyNP.
    That's cute, but I agree with Jules. Different states have different titles. I would say you could get her a blank white coat later to be embroidered- but three things:

    1. She may not like the one you pick out
    2. Vast majority of NICUs don't allow white coats due to infection control issues. At my hospital on the east coast when I worked as a nurse, there were ~20 coat hangers on the wall as you entered the NICU, just for the surgeons who did their daily rounds in the am lol, and oh boy did they know not to try to get past the nurses with a white coat on. That reminds me of the residents who also tried to unwrap our babies ahead of the surgeon team to have them "ready" for the team to look at >.<
    3. Her hospital in which she will work may want their own kind of coat with their own logo and style- and will actually cover the cost. I know, I know, it contradicts with #2, however my hospital in the southwest did this and we could wear the coat when giving a presentation, conferences, etc.

    Lastly- the universal credential for a NNP is: "NNP-BC" (board certified which she would be once she passes NCC exam). Other than that you have many variations of RN, APRN, ARNP, CRNP, NP, etc etc, dependent on the state in which you live.
  5. by   KeeperMom
    I personally never wear a white coat. I don't even know where mine is now that I'm thinking about it. I guess I would have to wear one if my job dictated it but a lot of the jobs that do require a white coat might provide the coat and the preferred personalization.
    My NP BFF that is required to wear a coat was required to have their group logo and a specific font for the name. It also only wanted the NPs to use CRNP after the first and last name.

    I personally do not like my last name on anything the general public can read. If I worked in a clinic, I might not mind so much.
    I'd wait to see what type of job she lands before I had anything personalized for her. It is a really thoughtful idea, but I'd wait.