Is Advaced Practice For Me?

  1. Being a new grad, I'm still pretty far out from a masters (Midwifery), but is all the extra autonomy and money worth the crazy hours and extra liability that comes with the job?? Also, what I love so much about L&D is the amount of time you get to spend with your patient and their family...... Do I want to give up my favorite part of the job?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    We have moved your thread to our Advanced Practice Nursing forum with the goal of accruing some responses from APNs/APRNs. Good luck with your future career aspirations.
  4. by   Aromatic
    If you like calling the shots and can handle stress it would probably be worth it. But if you take the equation stress+time+ risk = more money it would probably not be worth it.
  5. by   Neuro Guy NP
    I think it is totally worth it. And I disagree with Aromatic. There is good money in the NP money. You just have to shop around a little bit to find jobs that pay really well. That's what I did. Choosing your specialty wisely will also help guarantee better salary. Get credentials the majority of NPs don't have - solid fellowships, skills conferences, etc. Do it once you are a solid RN.

    At the end of the day, it's worth it depending on your objectives.
  6. by   Aromatic
    I think i misworded my equation, i meant for it to mean what neuro guy said. If you dont mind the extra stress/risk and what not then it is worth it, at least in most cases, and for now. Maybe not in 5 years for new grads. The amount of increased responsibility in and of it self isnt worth it though in pure money is the goal. Have to be dedicated though, and read those extra curricular texts or whatever you want to call them. If pure money is goal do travel nursing. I rent my old home out to some raking in 150k each in low cost areas and this is for a tele floor.
  7. by   casias12
    Probably not. At least at this point.