I am being black balled possibly?

  1. Ok, this sounds fishy. I just completed a travel assignment with one company 13 weeks. I am the type that is always early, never calls in, customer service oriented, ect. I worked there during the election and one of the nurses asked me who I was going to vote for (none of their business). They began to speculate who I was voting for based on my color. It went from bad to worse. They were very cliquey and did not like me because I was different and did not fit in to their group. They gave me a very bad review to my travel company and said they never wanted me to come back. I found out about this and decided to confront them. I called a meeting and sat them down and asked what I could do different. I knew the contract was only a couple more weeks, but to make a long story short they called the travel company and changed their review. I ended up getting an "outstanding". They were very nice when I left. Fast forward, I am working with a second travel company. She just presented me to another campus at this same hospital system. Of course, that recruiter told me that I can never work at their facility again. WHAT!!!! I really liked this area and wanted to work here a while. I have done many travel assignments and never have ran in to this. Can one person not like you and have you blackballed with every agency to work in their hospital system. This is a very large system (not a small town as I would expect this with!!) I am thinking that I am now going to have to leave the state and start over with another agency. I guess with the economy being this nasty people don't want people who don't look like them to work??? HELP!!!!!!
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  3. by   funfunfun550
    Yes u are right.. cliques rule..they probably were jealous of you. You probably never played the suck up game with them.. bad girl bad.Good for you for calling them on it... I would want my agency to know how they are and I sure would not want to work for that organization. Did they give you a reason why? Agencies are not going to push it..the hospital is their money maker. Sadly on the back of you...Unfortunately its this way in nursing some places regardless of if you are agency or other wise...
  4. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I am going to accept another position with another agency in another city. Financially I will be ok. This just bites that people are like this. I went out of my way to be a good worker. It does not pay to do so. I had really hoped to work in this same hospital system as I had made some friends in this city. This really bites but I will be ok. This is why I travel though, because every nurse is subject to someone not liking him/her and many hospitals are gobbling up other facilities (at least in this area). If one person gets upset with you it could mean moving to another state and having to sell home, uproot children. Very disturbing.
  5. by   kguill975
    Yep, it happens all the time. Your story almost makes me think you're talking about my city.
  6. by   TX RN
    Was the travel assignment as a NP or floor nurse?
    It's not relevant to your question per say but definitely think the mentality is a bit different in opposing camps.
  7. by   CaroleVilchis
    I have never traveled but worked with a traveler who wanted to become a permanent hire. He already knew that our organization's HR had him on the "DO NOT REHIRE" list because he had a quarrel with a nurse-manager while he was an employee at another regional clinic (complaint filed in New York, now trying to hire in Illinois). The quarrel was personal and had nothing to do with the quality of his work but it followed him and he was black-balled. To make a long story short, he made it known before re-applying, the complaint was investigated objectively this time and was found to be without merit and he was able to eventually be re-hired after about two months of fighting the system . I guess my point is, power can wielded unfairly, if you suspect you are a victim, be pro-active and ask to see what's in your file...it's easier to fight it while you are still on the inside. Good Luck.
  8. by   gettingbsn2msn
    Yes. I was blackballed. I applied with another agency who had a job with same hospital online advertised. They presented me and was told "no". I have accepted another position with a hospital 2 hours away (will have to uproot son). Oh, and I called the nurse manager of that floor and asked if I could use her as a reference and she replied "of course!" Be very careful out there because times are difficult and you really have to watch your back. I will no longer try to befriend anyone!