How to study for Evaluation domain of AANP exam

  1. Hi there!, I take my AANP exam next week and just took the practice test on their site. I did well overall, but noticed I had a little bit of a difficult time in the Evaluation domain of the test. Any ideas on how to study for this in particular? I have Leik, and Fitzgerald that I have been studying primarily. I have also been taking the APEA online practice tests. (Barkley doesn't really do it for me.) I'd really like to do well on all the domains tested (naturally!). I can't tell if I'm second guessing myself in this area and that might be why I'm getting things wrong???

    This is how AANP outlines this domain:

    Determine the effectiveness of plan of treatment/care based on outcomes by:

    • Reviewing patient responses(s)
    • Collecting additional subjective/objective information as needed

    Modify the plan of treatment/care based on outcomes by:

    • Ordering, conducting, supervising and interpreting further tests
    • Adjusting therapies
    • Providing additional education
    • Making appropriate referrals/consultations
    • Providing for appropriate ongoing follow-up
    • Including patient/family/appropriate others as active participants
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