Current ACNP job market for new grads

  1. Hello there everyone, I am an active duty military nurse who hopes to one day be an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, AGACNP. (In the next 3 years)

    At this time the branch of service I am in does not currently utilize ACNPs, so I have been considering coming back to the civilian sector. However, after reading many of the posts by new grad NPs, I have become very nervous about re-entering the job market, as many new grads seem to not only have immense difficulty finding jobs, but decent salaries.

    Are there any ACNPs out there who can give me an idea of how the market currently is? I am currently on the West Coast in California and don't plan on staying. The program I'm hoping to go to is in Tennessee, and we have family out in Florida, so location is flexible. I know things change depending location, but any information or experiences would be helpful.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   ghillbert
    Tons of jobs for ACNPs here in Pittsburgh in acute inpatient.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    I too see a lot of in-pt jobs and many specifically ask for ACNP's (Northern California). As someone not in the market for a new job, I do not know what the competition for the jobs are like but the area only has one ACNP program so the supply may not actually be that large. Having said that, a number of new hires in my workplace are transplants or graduates from programs out of state.
  5. by   casias12
    I would be reluctant to pursue acute care NP as a primary graduate degree. If you have that much time, and are already an RN, go for FNP as the primary degree, and possibly pursue acute NP as a post-graduate, if you need it at all. Why not stay in the military as a FNP?
  6. by   delaneyjaney
    Just because I have the time to pursue both doesn't mean that I should stay in school longer to get a degree that I don't see myself using. The reason I want to pursue AGACNP as my primary degree is because I have no desire at all for FNP (no babies or kiddos for me please!) , plus I know myself and my end goal is direct, in-patient care and from what I can tell an AGACNP degree is the best option for preparing me for that path.

    There's a multitude of reasons why one might consider leaving the military. FNPs in the Navy have HEAVY clinic hours and that's not at all something I want to be doing for the next 15+ years.

    Thank you for your input!
  7. by   Dodongo
    I'm also in Pittsburgh (Hey ghillbert) and almost all inpatient/specialty NP jobs prefer ACNP - and there are multiple postings for each health system. A big part of why I chose ACNP.
  8. by   TicTok411
    If you are willing to relocate there should not be a problem finding a position as an AGACNP. The dual degree has some advantage should you decide to work ED or just to add to your knowledge base. Also, if you are using the post-9/11 the free ride is a nice way to complete school without any debt. I worked PT after separating and with the living stipend money was a non-issue.

    Good luck!
  9. by   delaneyjaney
    Thank you for the insight Dodongo! That is a great reason to choose the ACNP track.

    TicTok411 - yes, I am very thankful for the post 9/11 program. Were you full time while working or were you in a part time program?
  10. by   shibaowner
    The VA is a good option for an RN and future NP who is a veteran, as they would give you hiring preference. They would pay for your NP education, too. There is also a terrible shortage of NPs in smaller cities and rural areas. For example, I got hired 2 months after graduating as an NP in a city of 100,000 people with a low cost of living, and am getting paid top dollar. So please consider areas where the need is greatest.
  11. by   delaneyjaney
    shibaowner - That's a great thought! I will definitely be looking into VA options in the future. Did you seek out the rural job or were you recruited?
  12. by   shibaowner
    Quote from delaneyjaney
    shibaowner - That's a great thought! I will definitely be looking into VA options in the future. Did you seek out the rural job or were you recruited?
    I applied for the rural job through an online ad. These areas have a hard time getting people. I don't know why, as 100,000 people is big enough to have everything one needs. Personally, I think working in a more rural area is more interesting as an NP, because you have to handle everything.