ANCC for 2013

  1. Has anyone taken the ANCC FNP exam this year? I would love to hear from you and know if I am studying what I should be. I have heard some horror stories and I have already failed it in 2012. Any help would be greatly appreciated! HELP!!!
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  3. by   Aussierules1985
    I took the new exam in Summer 2012; i'm uncertain if they've modified it again. I don't believe it was that horrible, just not along traditionally taught classes for NP's. We're taught what's important clinically, they have theories, and strategies that appear more PR, business, and ethical in some aspects... I got the ANCC review book; costs a fair bit, but I felt a little better about it. Still I don't think you'll every be ready for a test like that... Don't think it was really any harder, just not a regular clinical test.
  4. by   dlgarrett
    It is suppose to change August 2013. If you go to ANCC's website, it has the new test outline for the new test. It appears that the value of the areas have changed not necessarily the content. I will also be retaking the exam and plan to before August. Good luck.
  5. by   blessingstoday28
    July 20, 2013: Good luck on the exam. I will be taking the new exam after August 25, 2013. If anyone takes the new FNP exam through ANCC before I do, I would love to hear feedback on it. Thank you and God bless!
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  6. by   islanurse
    Hello, has anyone take one of the new exams yet? Did you find study material available applicable to the exam/s? Getting ready to test and nervous, of course !

    August 6, 2013 ANCC or AANP ?
  7. by   white41

    Any tips for taking the new ANCC 2013?
  8. by   lizzydubb
    I took the new exam on Sept 3rd, and did not pass. I took the barkley live review course end of June and also had the fitzgerald study book and cds to study from. Theres was a lot about different types of research. They asked serveral questions about A1C levels and DM1, so know A1C lab values and what they mean. Additionally there were a few questions about which type of blood pressure medication to give for people with other comorbidities (DM, asthma). PFTs values for emphysema. Amenorhhea. Impetigo complications...
  9. by   islanurse
    I passed the ANCC and the AANP exam this week.

    I studied for about three weeks

    I looked at the ANCC's list of test material sources for some direction and did ALL of their free practice quizs

    I studied my text books, Health Assessment by Bickley, Primary Care, Buttaro

    I listened to Barkley CD's one time (circa 2011 version)

    The best study resources for the non clinical stuff - Zerwech, NP-Prep with a bit in Hollier and Leik I researched every topic that was mentioned until I had some sort of grasp of what could possibly be asked - it was vague at best

    Heath Assessment Book
    Primary Care Book
    Barkley review
    Hollier questions book
    AANP practice test
    ANCC practice quizs
    I purchased NP Prep's set of 5 tests
    I took a look a Fitzgerald's book
    I had a study partner and we met to quiz each other a few times.

    Utilizing the test prep resources helped me - and when I came across topics I needed to review I looked them up in both my text books listed above until I understood the material

    when you take the exam- answer the questions systematically - rule out the impossible first- then attend to the possible and make a choice. Also make sure you are answering the question that they are asking - read it twice !!!

    You can pass !
  10. by   Dr.Naija_Queen
    I passed the ANCC FNP exam on the first try in early OCT 2013. Now that I have done it I can say that it wasn't that bad. That's not to say that I wasn't a nervous wreck with my heart bounding in my chest during the exam. I will say that I seriously studied for 6 wks before taking the exam. I did the Fitzgerald course and found it helpful. I bought practice questions from the ANCC and also completed one a testbook full of questions. I already spent enough money on NP school, I did not want to spend to much preparing for the exam when there are plenty of free resources around. I reviewed my textbooks and most importantly current guidelines (copd, asthma, diabetes, htn, immunizations, etc) online.

    The name of the book I used was Adult-Gerontology and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination by Jill E. Winland-Brown & Lynne M. Dunphy.

    I specifically wanted to take ANCC because I always answer theory, research, and ethics questions right. I just have a knack for it. I figured since it was my first time it wouldn't matter if it was a new exam or not, and just study the material. There were pictures and select all that apply questions.
  11. by   MC1906
    I studied like crazy for a few months. Here is what I did:

    Created study plan and tried to stick to it as much as possible
    Broke it down by systems
    Don't keep studying stuff I know to feel good, move on to what I don't know well
    Review national guidelines
    Use the test content outline to help guide my studies
    Quiz partner
    Fitzgerald CDs X3, Barkley X1 ----certain sections I listened to repeatedly.
    You must master info, not be "familiar". Should be able to spit it out like the Alphabet
    Questions----any free questions do those.
    I purchased questions from ANCC and did their free questions; (5 test ANCC and 5 test AANP)
    Maria Leik (used this last)---bunch of fast facts, which were great reminders
    Questions from review books---Fitzgerald, Hollier, and Leik
    Looked up any word I don't know; used youtube to help with some topics

    Know non-clinical stuff really well. Must know how to apply it.

    email me: if you want a little more help with studying.
  12. by   manhow
    I passed in November! Thanks!!
  13. by   GoodNP
    Was the test heavy on theories? I'm doing the FamilyNP prep practice questions and there are lots of questions where you have to match the theorist to the theory. What a colossal waste of study time.
  14. by   Go1234
    How did you do? Any advice?