Adult care RN to Peds NP?

  1. I start nursing school in January and am hoping for some insight on possible career paths. I originally wanted to be an ICU RN, then travel nurse for awhile, then likely go back to school for an NP certification to work in acute care.
    After working a children's hospital summer camp and thinking about peds a little more I was wondering how crazy it would be to start with adult critical care of some sort, then later on pursue a pediatric NP degree to work private practice.

    Also in a slightly unrelated topic, how crazy would it be to maintain part time/per-diem work as an acute care RN while working as a Peds RN.

    I was thinking it might be very difficult to maintain that wide of a knowledge base and still be effective in both positions.

    Anyone who has experience or insight into this, I appreciate your help!
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  3. by   llg
    Quote from wildnursebrendan
    I was thinking it might be very difficult to maintain that wide of a knowledge base and still be effective in both positions.
    You're right. Trying to do too many things at once usually means that end up doing a poor job. As you go through nursing school, you may change your mind many times about which areas appeal to you the most. That's normal -- and it's actually a good idea to fantasize about different possible career paths with an open mind.

    But in the long run, you will need to narrow your focus a bit.

    For now, just enjoy exploring the different options and discovering what "fits" your personal preferences and talents the best.
  4. by   wildnursebrendan
    I think I will have to wait and see how I like the peds rotation. Thanks for your input, you always have very helpful advice.
  5. by   A&OxNone
    I would also like to add that most PNP programs wont accept you without so many hours of peds nursing experience. I really think you need to focus your interest or just take some time - which is TOTALLY FINE - to really figure out what you want in your career.

    Take some time and work as a nurse. Take a job you dont think you will hate. Feel it out. If you get a job in adult ICU and like it, you can always do the adult acute care program. I, personally, know that I never want to treat an adult again so the PNP way made total sense to me. If you love both adults and kids, you could also do the FNP route.

    Good luck.
  6. by   Bumex
    What I tell my students is to avoid tunnel vision. Be open, learn, and formulate a plan throughout the journey. You may miss out on something great if you focus on one career path. Good luck with nursing school!

    (Trust me from experience)
  7. by   nursemel326
    I worked adult ICU, PACU, and agency as RN for 10 yrs prior to grad school. Now as a FNP, I work in a pediatric community health clinic. All my experiences have influenced my current practice and knowledge base. Your aspirations aren't crazy at all. I say keep your options open and go for it!
  8. by   hopebewild
    When you are done with school, just work in an all ages ICU. I work in one. PM me if you want more info.