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I am taking advance pathophys class that is online. We met first couple of weeks in class on campus and we'll meet one more class for a presentation/speech by a cardiologist for CV system. After week later we have our 2 hr multiple choice final on campus..paper/pencil format which will cover the entire book. So, far online, we've done case studies, online discussion (post a ques, discuss etc). There is more much more in the book that has not been discussed or covered online. Because, at grad level we are supposed to be independent learners, I am starting to panic because I have read chapters after chapters and feel like I dont know anything. Our text does not have a CD or publishers online resource where we can practice about 10-15 questions after each system. Is there a online site where I can practice questions on pathophysiology to assess myself ??? This is my first online class and I am so lost with the depth of the content material covered. When I mail the teacher to ask about important topics that FNP must know so that I can skim never ending chapters...she replied, "as a practitioner you need to know everything" :confused: which might be true but I feel like I have lost it.

Please, all the students who are taking, have taken advance patho class online/oncampus give me some pointers and suggestions how you tackled reading that 8-10 lbs book. How did you know what to focus if your teacher just tells you read chap 1-5 for week 1, chap 5-16 week 2 etc...No notes/pointers. How did you skim ?? How did you prepare for exam?? Did you practice multiple choice questions a lot...If so where online/books...please tell me. This class is just killing me :eek:

Ask if there will be a study guide for the final. We use online course resource; quiz is given weekly online. A very rough study guide (list of very broad topics) was given prior to each test (2 tests). If your instructor is not being as helpful as you would like her to be, make your own outline of each chapter. This way you will reinforce your knowledge and organize your information for the test. BTW, our quizzes and tests are all open book with time limit. Good luck.

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I took my Adv. Patho class on campus - no online courses in my program. My professor would put up PowerPoint presentations each week and lecture on them in class, so we could get a gist of what was being emphasized. I studied by going over the PP printout and comparing it to the text we had to read. I typically just rewrote the PP slides in a notebook or on index cards - added important points from the text, and studied them.

We were given chapters to read for each exam. Skimming the chapters is NOT the key to patho. You really need to sit down and do ALL of the reading and you need to read it for comprehension. I easily spent 20 hours per week in reading alone....not including additional actual STUDY time. Patho is no different than A&P. It's a LARGE volume of sometimes complex material. Break it down and MAKE the time to study.

Thnaks. The fact that this class is online makes it so hard. I understand I just need to buckle up and swallow up that 8lbs godzilla :D

Are ther any online sites that I can practice questions to assess myself??

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