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I had an 80yr old male pt. A&Ox1. +VRE, NGT, PPN 2L/day. bilateral contracture on upper and lower extremities, Foley, stage III scacral ulcer...and my instructor asked me to do my careplan based on Rx failure to thrive, so I'm trying to gather information for short term goal and interventions and I'm just wondering if this would be classified under cognition/perception or is it more a deiciency in food/fluid intake or maybe its both?

Any input would be helpful!


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adult failure to thrive is primarily a nutrition diagnosis, but you can fit self-care and incontinence into it--sometimes. the patient has pretty much failed to eat enough and is losing weight and withering away. read the information on the weblink i just posted for you. if the patient also has contractures there is an impaired physical mobility (impaired physical mobility), impaired tissue integrity (impaired tissue integrity) for the stage iii sacral decubitus and risk for infection (risk for infection) because of the presence of the foley and the debilitated immune system because of the poor nutritional state. also consider the self-care deficits and incontinence.

don't forget to assess the patient and develop a set of signs and symptoms to support these diagnoses.


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How will i do a care plan on a patient who was admitted with end stage dementia and failure to thrive and in active stage of dying. This patient wasnt expected to live threw the nite. There was no communication he was just lying there unresponsive all his vital signs was evidence that he was not going to make it. My care plan has to be based on Maslow's theory, can u help me with this one.

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