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Adult experience only but want newborns!


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I have only worked with adults for 12 years but feel strongly that I need to follow my heart and work with newborns. I am having a hard time finding a position in either NICU or newborn nursery. I would even take mother/baby couplet on a postpartum floor. I see some listings that require experience in that specialty. I am going to apply. How often do you have new hires without experience? I've got to get it somewhere!


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I wonder if actually being a mother counts as experience!?

NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

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OP go for it. I'm sorry but I'm an extreme optimistic person. I tend to always defy the odds and I feel as though many others too. Just sell yourself and I'm sure you will get what your heart desires. Good luck !

I agree with above poster, try it, keep applying, something will come along! You have nothing to lose by trying! GOOD LUCK!!

Have you ever read "The Secret" book?

Try it and you´ll get you dream job!


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I worked with adults for almost 2 years before switching to Newborn Nursery and while you do have to change your way of thinking, it can be done!! I wouldn't let it stop me from applying for the job. There are plenty of resources to teach you and hopefully you'd have co-workers willing to explain and listen to any questions you might have.

Good luck!!