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Adult Education class topics?


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I am an RN in Community Health. I also have a master's degree in education because of my previous career. I was flipping through my suburban town's Adult Education brochure today and it has a form to propose and teach a class. I thought, "WOW!!, that would be so much fun!" The classes are typically once a week, for about an hour, for 4-6 weeks. They do art topics, language classes, gardening, etc. I've seen health classes before, occasionally. They are open to all, but generally it's older adults who enroll in the classes.

I work mostly with people who have chronic conditions like T2DM, hypertension, obesity, hyperlipidemia. My first thought was to create a class like "Living Well with Type 2 Diabetes." My suburb is fairly affluent/educated and maybe this would be too basic for our population, I'm not sure.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for topics? Any ideas what your non-nurse friends or family might be interested in learning about?

I'm biased (since it's my field) but all those chronic conditions you listed are risk factors for stroke 🙂

Actually, one of the most interesting discussions I have had the privilege of attending was a couple of stroke survivors sharing all the adaptive equipment they use in their daily lives to cook. Stuff I had no idea existed! pot holders so you can stir with one hand, jar openers, things to chop with, silicon pads to prevent slipping, etc. Could be useful in your population for those with arthritis or other disabilities as well.

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Oh WOW!, that is a very interesting idea! I bet there’s tons of adaptive equipment that I don’t know about and you’re right, that would be good for me to know as well. Thanks!