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ADN work as LPN in Massachusetts?


I am an LPN working in Boston and going back to school for my ADN (no BSN programs that offer night/weekend classes). Does anyone know if I can continue to work as an LPN after getting my ADN? I do not want to lose my LPN job if I am unable to secure a RN job after graduation.

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You should check with the Mass. BON to see if you are allowed to do this, as they will have the most accurate answer for you.

I know some states will let LVN-RNs continue to work as LVNs so long as they maintain their LVN licensure. Other states, however, will not allow it. It's all up to the state's BON.

It's not quite "all" up to the BON; it's also a matter of individual employers' policies, even if it is allowed legally. The BON isn't going to make anyone employ someone at a lower level of licensure, and a lot of facilities/organizations just prefer not to do that because of the unclear liability issues.

OP, if it's a matter of continuing at a current job, you may want to check with your current employer about what their position will be at the time that this becomes an issue. Quite a few people have posted here over the years that they abruptly got dropped from their current employment as soon as they got their new license, without any prior warning (because it was the employer's policy to not employ people at a lower level of licensure). If that's going to happen, it would be nice to at least know about it in advance and be prepared for that. :)

Best wishes!

If you continue to pay for your LPN license, you may continue to work as an LPN. You may hold both licenses until you find a RN job.


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You can continue to work as an LPN, but you'll legally be held to RN standards.