Is it true that the need for ADN nurses are decreasing due to the rise in need for nurses with a BSN?


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most likely most hospitals only hire BSN and even they have trouble finding a job

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The need for RNs will remain strong and this includes ADNs, so I would say false.

Many places advertise "BSN preferred" but hire ADNs if that's what the market is supplying.


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probably depends where you live. Here, in western NY, that is false. Most places hire either and they are paid almost the same (BSN's make about 15-25 CENTS more an hour I think at the hospitals). The ADN programs are actually considered "better" here than the couple BSN ones (and a LOT LESS money). I already have a BA in a different field, so I decided to get my ADN and then I'm skipping straight to my Master's a few years after working. But in another part of the country it may be different.


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depends on the location/unit. here in jacksonville, the children's hospital is leaning towards only BSNs. L&D, NICU, they're leaning in that direction also. but the adult hospitals hire everyone. BSN or associates, we all have to pass the same boards :nurse: