ADN/RN Programs, Collin or Grayson?


I am currently a non-traditional student at Collin with a 3.9 GPA, a 15/16 on my PSB and I was "wait listed" at Collin due to the simple fact that I repeated a class (not to better a grade...I had an A, but had to drop due to a medical emergency within the family which required me missing the final 3 days of a 5 week A&P course...Tough situation.). After meeting with the program director I was coldly told that there was no way I'd be taken off the wait list for this Fall (due to the repeat...even though I applied with 15/16 points) and it was questionable whether or not I would be wait listed again come Spring (even though I brought her recommendation letters from professors, and proof of the medical emergency that caused me to repeat a class). :confused: SO...I have to re-take the PSB this July to re-apply to Collin's program July 31st, all to "possibly" be wait listed again. Whereas, I made the trek to Grayson (an hour from home), and not only was their RN program director encouraging, delightful, and reassuring that nothing would be held against me (especially a family emergency that led to a repeated class), I was also met with a warm welcome in admissions, advising (something Collin severely lacks is happy people in admissions OR advising) AND in Van Alstyne where I met with the LVN director who laid out an alternative plan going the LVN route then through their TE program bridging to RN. I just want to be an RN...:redbeathe And I really want to have a good experience achieving my goal. I'm looking for input from anyone who has attended either program... At Collin all of my professors have been fabulous, but gaining entry to (and getting solid answers about) the RN program has been an uphill struggle. I've been met with negativity, bad attitudes, and's crazy. Will their program be worth the fight to get in? Or, should I just suck it up and make the long trip to Grayson? Thanks in advance for all your advice... :)


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Hang in there!!! I know how you feel, I was also put on the wait list for fall 2010 at Collin and told to repeat a class I had a B in to get an A. I say apply at Grayson, or did you allready? I have a couple of friends in the program now and love it!!! I also was met with smiles and encouragement from Grayson, which I never got at Collin anytime. I think it might be a blessing to be pushed towards Grayson. I have been told from several people the drive is worth it!!!! :)

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Thanks for the words of encouragement! :) I did go ahead and apply to Grayson's program, and I couldn't agree more that the positive atmosphere would WELL be worth the drive. They were so warm and welcoming, espcially the director of the program. WOW! What a difference from Collin. Since I posted on here, I have run into more people who are either currently attending Grayson's program or whom are graduates...ALL couldn't say enough wonderful things. SO nice to hear after a year and a half of negativitiy at Collin. I had wonderful professors at Collin (personally) however the advisers and the nursing program director were cold and careless. I wish you all the best too!!! Who knows, maybe we'll end up as classmates!