ADN i have a chance at finding a job?


I'm an ADN RN with 5 years of acute care experience. I wanted to possibly get into travel nursing. Do they even hire ADN RN's? We want to move to the SF Bay area but I wanted to try and get a travel nurse assignment first to check out the area. Do I have to have a BSN to get a travel nurse assignment?


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Hi, I have worked as a travel nurse in the Seattle area with an ADN, and have gotten travel contracts with hospitals that require a BSN minimum.


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I also have an ADN and I have no problem getting assignments. I have 6 years RN experience and 5 years in ER in a level 2 trauma center in Detroit. Good Luck :)


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I doubt if there are more than half a dozen hospitals nationwide that require a BSN for travelers. Many agency's profiles don't even include educational information in the profile they send to the hospital. There are a substantial number of diploma nurses still practicing as well.


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Me too! I have worked at several facilities that people say they only hire BSN. I think it totally depends on your experience and their need. Some places I have been asked to stay on as permanent.

I started a debate about this somewhere... about getting hired in one too.


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Most places are concerned with your level of experience over your level of education. Give a couple of recruiters a call and talk it over with them.


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you can be a traveler with an adn out here. Easily.