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ADN programs

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by KasRymom KasRymom (New Member) New Member

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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum:nuke: but, i did a search before i posted this and i wanted to get a little feed back from students attending the WCCCD program and/or the HFCC program. I am currently taking my pre-req for the WCCCD program, but i also work full time and i'm a single mom... I have a great job w/benefits but I have made the decision to make a career change and I can't work and be successful in the program so i will be quiting my job after my acceptance into the nursing program.... (that's at least a year from now so i have a lot of time to prepare)... I have heard some great things about the WCCCD program and also so some not great things such as them not being apart of the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. (Does this matter on the larger scale of things?)

I have a good friend who attended the HFCC program and she speaks highly of it and the things she learned there along with there teaching styles. I am trying to make a decision on which program i want to attend for nursing and I need to do it fast as I need to have all my classes takin care of if i plan on applying to the WCCCD program in the fall of 08 or getting on HFCC waiting list.

So i just have a couple of questions in regards to the different programs such as:

1) Does anyone know the passing scores for the NCLEX from students at either school on the first time around.

2)What is the style of teaching at the different schools

3)What is the percentage of graduates from the program.

4)How is the overall feel for the WCCCD or HFCC program from your point of view.

I just wanted to get some students point of view before i made this very big decision that's gonna affect me and my daughters lives... I know school is mostly based on what you take out of it but i just wanted a little feedbcak from people who are attending or have attended the program. I also plan on going to both schools and pulling up the test score info. But nothing is like actually talking to a student pushing there way to the top.

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amybethf specializes in ICCU - cardiac.

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I heard WCCCD is based on GPA and they like to admit students who took their pre-req's there. I also think they take fewer students. I start @ HFCC in the Fall so I cannot give an opinion as to their model of teaching yet but I have know it is an excellent program with a 100% NCLEX passing.

Accreditation is important but I, too, have heard good things about WCCCD's program. Peruse some of the threads here from WCCCD's students to get a better idea.

No, not all students graduate within the 2 years due to many issues both personal and academic but u can get readmitted if u fail a course. Some just find that nursing isn't a career they want to pursue. It is very demanding but if u have determination and strict time mgmt, it can definitely be attained.

But get the pre-req's done and pass the NET so u can get on the waitlist and finish up your other classes. If u are interested in HFCC, get your official transcripts and admission doc over there and then talk to a counselor.

Good luck!

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I was wondering when you applied to HFCC, when you got your acceptance letter, and what is your start date?

I am looking to apply by the fall semester this year, I only have the NET test to complete and get my transcripts sent over. how long currently is the wait? would I get in my fall or winter of 08?

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