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Hi, I live in LA.

I am planning to apply for ADN program.

I finished general psych, socio, anatomy, intro to chem, and physiology. Basically, I finished all the prerequisites except for microbiology. I am planning to take it in this Fall. I want to apply ADN program for spring 2019. However, all schools require me to finish all the prerequisites before submitting application. One of my classmate mentioned that she submitted application even though the prerequisite was in progress. She said a counselor signed on the application form for her. Are there any schools that I can submit the application if I get signiture from the counselor? I already called nursing department at all community colleges if I can apply for spring 2019. They said I need to complete all the prerequisites..

When you called each of the nursing departments and they told you that your prerequisite courses must be completed before you submit your application, you were given your answer.

Don't get discouraged.Stay positive. I say that you continue to pursue and complete Micro as that is one of the trinity science courses (Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology). Use this site, as all nursing programs are not the same.

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Check the requirements and email them to ask. Worst case, you finish Microbiology and have to apply for Fall 2019. No biggie. Better to be fully prepared anyway.

Some nursing programs will allow you to apply for Spring and upon receipt of successful completion of Micro, they will offer you a tentative seat in a cohort. Furthermore, if your applying to the school where you've completed your other prerequisites, try speaking with the counselors directly. Sometimes it's not what you know, but WHO you know. Gotta speak up.

Just do your due diligence and remain persistent as the "squeaky wheel will gets the oil". Good luck!

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Turn in your application anyway. The worst that can happen is that you don't get in.

In my school, they require you to have no classes in progress. That's what I always thought and that's what I told people who wanted to go to my school.

However, a friend of mine found out that she could apply with a class in progress. Someone who works for the school told her that by the time she's done with the class, the school wouldn't even have started looking at applications.

Apply to schools around you even with micro in progress. You just never know and you have nothing to lose. If you get accepted, then you saved yourself a year.

Southern California University of Health Sciences offers Accelerated Science Courses and you can finish your microbiology in 4 weeks..

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