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Copying my post from the LPN/LVN thread-

Well, I am very disappointed. I wasn't very well informed on Excelsior College? You guys familiar with them? I did NOT realize they are an 'exam only' college. How can they advertise the way they do and not offer true online courses? I paid my first enrollment fee today(i had it split into 6 payments), and then they transferred me over to an admission counselor. That is where I found out that they only offer the exams and 'suggestions' on study material! Huh? I will call on Monday and see if I can get my money refunded, if not, it's a lesson learned I suppose. Anyone here know of any really good ONLINE LPN to RN program? Where you actually have courses online, tests, exams, etc. Like a normal college with online courses? I cannot afford to quit and go to school in person and need to do it online. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.


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I just graduated with Excelsior and will take my RN boards tomorrow. Indiana State has an Online LPN to BSN program but much like Excelsior. You have to take all the prequistes from Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program through community college clep or test out system. The last phase 3 is done online. The ISU program takes a long time to finish if you don't have Phase 1 and 2 done. Also the down side of that program is that you have to find your own clinical sites and find a preceptor to take up time to get your hours in. Excelsior and ISU are the only online programs nation wide at this point.

I think you should give Excelsior a try. There are a bunch of students that hang out on the distant education board and we give each other alot of support. They helped me get through the program. Excelsior provides practice test and content guides to help you cover the material. Excelsior requires alot of committment and motivation but the end results are very rewarding. Good luck in whatever you decide but there aren't many online options.

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