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I am currently an ADN student and can't wait to get out in the field. My plan has always been to get the ADN first, because I already have a Bachelor's Degree in another field (business), and start working, with the hopes I can find a hospital to assist with tuition for an RN to BSN program online. However, lately I've been thinking of the idea of eventually becoming a Nurse Practitioner (not sure what specialty yet) and was curious if it would be smarter to just do and ADN to MSN program once I'm working and skip the BSN altogether. Does anybody have experience with this? Or advice? Thanks!

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There are quite a bit of topics about this, you may want to do a search. Also try looking under the Specialty tab-->Advance Practicing Nurse forum. I hang out there too as I plan to be an NP in the future.

I won't be taking your route, but I have heard of plenty of ADN-to-MSN programs.


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I have looked into quite a few of these programs. The only thing that turned me off of some of them is that when you get to the point in the program where you are officially working toward the master's and your bachelor work is done you do not get awarded the bachelor's until you are done with the master's. Meaning that if you for some reason are unable to finish the entire program you get nothing. And I also think that as far as my job it would be nice to be awarded the bachelor's when I'm finished with the bachelor's coursework as far as any opportunities that may arise while I am working for the master's. If I could find a school that would award them individually I would definitely do it.


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Bri'smom I have that same issue. Seems like all the schools I've considered do the same thing.


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very interesting and helpful, thanks for the replies!